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Corona already threw a wrench in my plans last year. At that time passive, because all events were canceled. This year active, because it got me myself. First of all, I don’t remember ever being this sick. I had a mild course, no breathing problems, no hospital. And yet, the illness has taken its toll on me. Not to mention that the long time off from training set me back completely.

TrainingPeaks Performance
TrainingPeaks Performance Chart. First arrow infection, second arrow outbreak.

Thursday, Feb 25, 2021
Not yet as fit as last year, but I rarely rode 200 km at a stretch back in February. It rolls nicely and I feel exactly the same.

Friday, Feb 26
Site inspection for our new office. We all wear FFP2 masks and are never in one place for more than three or four minutes. Despite everything, I get infected with the British mutant from a colleague, but of course I don’t know anything about it.

Tuesday, March 2
I find out in the office that a colleague tested positive on Friday. I immediately do a PCR test, which is free of charge in many places in Munich. The result is negative. I am relieved and move to the home office.

Wednesday, March 3
The health department gets in touch because I am a contact person. It turns out that my test was too early. I leave right away to do another test. For this, one is allowed to leave the quarantine. Again negative, again relief. This time everything is correct, since five days should have passed since the infection. I do not suspect that this is not true. I am without symptoms.

Friday, March 5
Hard interval training on the turbo. Actually works quite well. I am sure that I have not caught the virus. Otherwise I could not kick such intervals!

Saturday, March 6
A completely messed up workout on the turbo. I don’t get any of the intervals kicked properly, but blame that on the training the day before. Last year something like this wouldn’t have been a problem for me, apparently I’m getting old.

Monday, March 8
Another hour and a half of Watopia. Although I didn’t ride on Sunday, the training is enormously exhausting. I feel a slight scratching in my throat, but put it down to the cold temperatures. It doesn’t occur to me that I might have caught the virus after all.

Tuesday, March 9
With another 90 minutes on the turbo I want to „ride away“ the small infection. After that I lie freezing on the sofa and need three blankets. After such a workout, I’m usually too warm for hours. I realize that something is wrong and arrange another test appointment for the next day.

Wednesday, March 10
I can no longer work during the day. In the evening, I get the result of the PCR test: Positive! Mutant! I isolate myself and move my center of life to the basement.

The following days pass me by as if in fog. I have ice feet almost all the time, my appetite drops and my fever rises. On the weekend it is once at 39.5, most of the time it hovers around 38.5. I have a dry cough that drives me crazy. I can barely make it to the bathroom and then have to sit down, I can’t sit upright for more than two minutes.
Over the weekend I lose my sense of taste and smell. When I breathe through my nose, I feel like the air is freezing my nostrils. But I don’t have a sore throat or a headache.

Monday, March 15
I have the feeling that it is getting worse. The medical services refuse a home visit on the principle that they would only take care of serious cases. If I didn’t have shortness of breath, I wouldn’t be an emergency. Kind of true, but there is no improvement either. Fortunately, my family doctor (whom I last saw 10 years ago) offers a virology consultation. The doctor takes blood to determine the CRP value. It is 33 (normal 5, severe infection 100), and the lungs and heart are clear. She prescribes me codeine tablets against the dry cough. Great stuff, supposedly once on the doping list. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help me at all: I get night sweats, hallucinations and spasms. An absolute horror trip!

Wednesday, March 17
Call from the doctor. The blood test was excellent, nothing to worry about. If she only knew…

Friday, March 19
The fever rises again to 39.3. Something is wrong, and I just manage to get an appointment at the virology clinic. Another CRP value determination: 83! I am prescribed two antibiotics, which I should start one day later: Amoxi-Clavulan Aurobindo, a grenade that can hardly be swallowed in one piece. And Clarithromycin, the little sister. Two times a day.

Amoxi-Clavulan Aurobindo. A rocket that I can only swallow with difficulty.

Sunday, March 21
Things are a little better during the day now. Sense of smell and taste are slowly returning. At night I have massive sweats, I have to change bed and clothes every two hours. In itself, this is a good sign, but the nights are very troublesome.

Monday, March 22
The nights remain sweaty, plus I am now overcome by an unprecedented lack of appetite and drive. I can usually always eat and always have something to do or plan what I absolutely want to do. Now I can only sit at the table – and do nothing. Worst of all, I don’t feel hungry. But the new CRP test at the doctor’s office shows: The value has dropped to 43! Yeah! The antibiotics are hard, but it seems to work.

Wednesday, March 24
I can breathe again. I still sweat at night as if I were sitting in a Roman steam bath in my clothes. But it is getting better. Only hunger remains absent. I have lost 4.5 kg of body weight since the outbreak.

Thursday, March 25
Last visit to the doctor. CRP now only at 10! Super nice, if it weren’t for the antibiotics. I have to take them until Friday respectively Saturday, exactly one week. I still have no appetite in the morning, but I force myself to eat.

Sunday, March 28
I have lost 5.0 kilos since the infection started a good two weeks ago and now have a body weight of 72.0 kg at 181 cm tall. Although I am now eating almost normally again, the weight loss seems to continue. I have to fasten the belt two holes tighter than before. Yesterday I took the antibiotics for the last time, hopefully it will get better now. Actually, as a cyclist you wish for something like this, but this way it is dangerous and counterproductive.
At least my watt/kg ratio has only decreased by 0.06 🙂 According to Xert I was at 293 Watt TP at the beginning, now at 267. But that might be much too optimistic, because sickness absence might cause much more damage than just not training.
I hope that I can ride at Easter for the first time for an hour.

Tuesday, March 30
Yay, one kilo more on the scale! I feel much better, the drowsiness of the last days is completely gone and has made way for a healthy optimism. Maybe I can even go for a ride already on Thursday. The only trouble now is reflux, which I attribute to the medication. The stomach will have to recover a bit. And the senses of taste and smell are not yet fully restored: I can smell and taste most things, but the nose is not yet as fine as before. And what worries me most: I don’t like the taste of beer.
Hopefully that will be restored!

Thursday, April 1
I dare: The first little tour after Corona. Unfortunately, I do not get along at all yet, even if it does not look like that here.

Die erste Ausfahrt nach Corona: Noch ganz schön beschwerlich

I only do a good 50 kilometers at a shameful 26 km/h average. More simply isn’t in it, and despite my Schleichfahrt my heart rate is between 10% and 15% above that at healthy times. From about halfway I’m slightly dizzy again, but it feels more like an approaching Hungerast. It’s probably because I’m just missing a few pounds. At home, I top up with thickly spread Easter pancakes, and the situation improves quickly.
Despite everything: That was still too early. Even though it’s hard for me, I prefer to wait until my HR returns to normal. That makes no sense.

That was not yet quite as hoped, but the direction is right 🙂


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